“Orofacial discipline is the vision of oral health and facial treatment, keeping as the core the person and its treatment through a multidisciplinary team.”

Equpo multidisciplinario

A philosophy that comes from far

Equilibrio perfecto

OROFACIAL HEALTH is achieving the perfect balance between face, smile and teeth to find a status of healthy welfare that allows us to be satisfied with ourselves.

The Jané doctors are part of a way of being and seeing dentistry that began over 80 years ago with my uncle Dr. Rafael Jané Ferrer and my father Dr. Santiago Jané Ferrer who, thanks to their training in the USA, could incorporate the newest treatment options from that time.

Today, remaining faithful to that tradition of working with care and respect to our patients, and continuing with an education in the most prestigous institutions of our time, we are still at the forecast of dentistry in the country.

Portrait of Doctor Santiago Jané Ferrer.

Greet the opening of the Clinic in 1946.

Plate of the first dental clinic.




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Equpo multidisciplinario
Equilibrio perfecto